Heat Transfer Kits

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Move excess heat from one room to another

Send the hot air in your house where it is needed.

Heat Transfer kits move the excess heat from one room to another, enabling you heat your house more efficiently.

Trapped Hot Air

Home insulation and heating products such as fires, gas, electric heating, etc have all improved in their efficiency over the years and in many cases home owners can find that their heating systems are over-efficient for the room they are based in. Hot air is less dense and therefore rises to the ceiling. A hot pocket of air can become trapped below the ceiling, meaning that although the temperature at seat level is comfortable there can be a layer of 35 degrees air trapped above you.

Transfer the Trapped Heat to Another Room

This problem can be easily and inexpensively solved through the installation of a heat transfer system, which moves this wasted heat throughout the home.

How Heat Transfer Kits Work

Heat Transfer Kits use a fan and insulated ducting to transfer the excess heat quietly and efficiently from one room to as many as three other rooms in a house.
It is recommended to place the inlet grille on the opposite side of the room to the heat source. This allows the room to warm first before the excess heat is transferred.
Standard Heat Transfer Kits are available in 1, 2 and 3 room kits.
The heat transfer kit is most effective when the heat source is either a wood burner, gas fireplace or a reverse cycle air-conditioner.

Improved Air Circulation

As the hot air is removed from the heated room, air is drawn from the adjacent rooms, which creates a natural re-circulation. This means that warm, dry air is constantly circulated through your home.

You Have Control

You can control which rooms the heat is transferred to. The round outlet diffusers in each room can be fully adjusted. If you would like more heated air entering a particular room, then simply adjust the diffusers to your requirements. You can also completely shut off a diffuser if you don’t want to move the heated air to a particular room (perfect for guest bedrooms).

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